Child in mum’s arms

How do we carry a child?

In Europe, in my country, the Czech Republic, parents are carrying children mainly in child carriers, plaids or big scarfs.  The next and efficient way how to take a child outside is in a stroller.

How parents at Sri lanka carry a child?

Parents at Sri Lanka are not using any strollers; they maybe can use some scarfs, but what do they actually do? They carry their baby in arms. Can you image how much weight they had to handle? And for example, women there are so flexible to take a baby in one hand, have a shopping bag on the other side, walk a long distance or be comfortable in buses. During all my stay at Sri Lanka, I haven’t seen single one stroller. All I saw were parents how they were carrying babies in hands. They have to be very strong. I was very impressed by women and men who do that.

What can be the reasons?

My guess why they don’t have simple other options on how to carry a baby is no money. The following reason can be still the pure connection between the child and the parents.


But I see a lot of positives. The child starts to walk very early, begins to be free and uses freedom, has complete trust. That is something very different compared to Western countries. Babies are stuck inside fences, inside beds, inside strollers. Those babies don’t have any freedom and complete trust. Maybe people who are reading my article feel this can be the beginning of thinking how to behave to our children. Western people are so practical, and we are inventing such things to make our lives as much comfy as possible. We shouldn’t forget to carry our children and give them freedom from the beginning.

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