The first story to go to Sri Lanka

If I am thinking about my first idea to go to Sri Lanka and all circumstances connected with this trip, I have to say this was my Destiny.

This trip should have happened

Because I believe in destiny.

How all starts?

All starts with my childhood dream to go to a sunny country where are beaches.
So image this scenario:
The Czech Republic is precisely in the middle of Europe surrounded by other countries as Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. We can fly to Italy, Greece, Spain or Portugal to enjoy beaches and water. Of course, we can go farther away as Caribbean, Asia, South America etc.
The next is the seasonal rhythm changing. We have each year — winter, spring, summer and autumn. Even though I love it and every period is charming, I am more like a sunny person who loves hot, sun, water, green nature.
For the reasons above, I had my dream still on my mind. And I am positively thinking about my life so I am filling my dreams as soon as I can.

Autumn 2018

The right time came, and I was thinking to fill my dream, to find a place where I can spend the Czech winter. A country where will be sunny, hot and where I can swim, enjoy beaches and beautiful nature. There weren’t any other expectations — just sun.
I was working at that time in one IT company as a regular employee, so I decided to say goodbye and live the life I truly want.

Decision making

I still didn’t decide for a specific country, and I was thinking. I was checking tickets where will be cheap flights during January and was asking friends. One friend told me about Sri Lanka and how she enjoyed her time there.

My second day and my first trip.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was the choice. I didn’t think twice. I bought tickets and start to prepare to leave my country and my family. If you are a young girl who wants to travel alone in an Asian country, you have to deal with a lot of questions and doubts. But when I decide on something, I am probably a stubborn person.

It was my first trip outside of Europe. My mind was full of thoughts, expectations and fears. And I would say those expectations were the worst barrier which I could have had. The first day showed me how everything different should have been.

My flight to Sri Lanka.

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