My first Buddhist temple

The next day in Sri Lanka, I sat on a scooter and began to discover the beauty of the island. Buddhism is widespread. Large and small temples are scattered everywhere, so it was apparent that this would be one of my first stops.

Central province

Immediately after my arrival, I travelled by bus and by train to the central area, near Kandy. And although Kandy-city is mainly well known for Buddhist temples, I would rather prefer authentic and non-touristic places (like all the time travelling in Sri Lanka).

Mahaweli Maha Seya .

For the first time

The central area characterized by hills, tea plantations, incredible views has become a favourite place for me. In these hills, I visited my first Buddhist temple. I read many writings about this religion, saw many photographs, was part of several meditations, but I entered a temple for the first time here.

 Mahaweli Maha Seya .

Mahaweli Maha Seya, this is the stupa I visited, located in Kotmale. Feel free to check out the wiki.

Silence and peace

I had an incredible experience. On a winding road leads me up to a steep hill. I reached the top, and there was empty. There was no one, not even one person (though January is the primary season). Since this place is not yet known to tourists, there was no charge. I enjoyed the absolute silence. All I heard a voice from a loudspeaker, which reported some Buddhist mantra and wind rushing inside the temple.

Proper clothes

I was advised to take off my shoes. Also, I should have dressed before so that I could visit sacred places. I had pants and a long shirt. This way, I could go inside without shame.

Inside the stupa.

All was perfect

In that silence and calmness, I slowly walked and walked around. It was hot outside, but when I was walking in that vast temple, I felt a little cold. I saw a lot of flowers, a lot of Buddhist flags, Buddha statues and everything beautifully kept and clean.

Outside the stupa.

It is a remarkable first memory of my visit to a Buddhist place. And I recommend everyone to go to Kotmale and experience what I was lucky to do.

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