White tower in a heaven

This is a story about my fear of heights and about visiting one of another perfect place in Sri Lanka. I spent a lot of time in the central province, specifically around Kandy and Gampola.

Gampola Tower

The next trip was the Gampola Tower, which is situated at the hill of Gampola town. It is a beautiful tall white tower that can be seen from a great distance called Ambuluwawa Temple. I sat on a scooter and rode up. The road is newly built, but I still encountered a few sections that were more difficult to cross. Like one big section where precious metal was drilled.

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex

I know the area, Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex, was closed for digging and repairs, but I was lucky, and it was already open. It was perfect to have the whole beautiful area for myself because still, no one was there.

The gate

After entering the complex, it is necessary to drive along narrow winding roads, which can be a bit challenging due to the steep slope. The locals instead walk, they have made shortcuts, and I understand why. It was tough to drive on the scooter but possible.


Ambuluwawa Temple is from the times of a kingdom when Gampola was a royal city. In the gardens by the tower, there are 4 objects – Buddhist temple, Hindu temple, Mosque and Church. It is a symbol of multi-religious Sri Lanka.


The architecture is impressive and elegant, but inside wasn’t anything extraordinary.
Staircase to the top can go inside the tower also from the outside. I guess more or less the locals (or courageous tourists) can walk up a very narrow and steep staircase from the outside. I took the comfortable stairs inside the tower.

Spectacular view

Everything was worthy because the view is spectacular. Hills, towns, roads, nature, trees, birds, wind and quite.

Funny part for you and scary for me

This was one of the best trips in Sri Lanka. And maybe the funny part for you and scary part for me. When I got the top, and I wanted to walk around to see the view, I got stuck with my fear of height. As you can see in the video.

This was my save spot 🙂

– It is not open every day, so check before you want to go there.
– The hill is steep so better to walk after the main entrance (you can find shortcuts).
– It is possible to drive a car there, as well.
– A lot of tuk-tuks are going from the city.
– It is possible to buy a snack in a shop inside the complex.
– The ticket costs 50 Rupees.

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