Flat tire

This story is ultimately one of the top stories of my travelling around the island. All began with an idea to have a trip to the famous Meemure – the small village in the middle of hills where are no signal and people living there merely with elementary stuff. (What did I experience in Meemure deserve to be written in more articles.).

On the way from Meemure

The sun was nicely shining, and I was, at that moment, happy to leave the village. I came from Europe, from comfortable places where is signal all the time and to be in the “poor” but very beautiful village overnight was challenging.

We sat on a scooter and should ride up the stony hill away from Meemure, but what happened… After 20 metres the back tire had a defect. To image, the village has like 20 houses and two small shops in total. Nothing around only a jungle. And of course no repair shop.

So a friend of mine who was with me told me: “go to sit in a shop, buy something to eat or drink, and I will figure out”. Okej, what else I could possibly do, anyway. No one really spoke English, no signal or a book to read. I was sitting and looking around for a couple of hours.

People were very helpful

I only saw a friend a few times while he was running from one neighbour to the next, asking about different options to temporarily repair and inflate the tire.

I must say again that the people of Sri Lanka are very self-sacrificing and helpful. Everybody tried to help us.

I kind of think it was fun and adventure for the locals to follow us, as well.

Unfortunately, nobody had anything to repair the tire

Because the village is well known and many Sri Lankans travel there, there are many drivers with trucks that carry tourists up and down. So we agreed with one who is going up, and we can pack the scooter. We paid him some money, loaded the scooter and ourselves.

We found a repair shop

Up in a town, we were looking for a repair shop to change the tire, which we managed after a few attempts. We waited 30 minutes, got a new tire and drove away.

Half a day trying to repair the tire, watching people around, a friend chatted with the locals, and we had an exciting journey up.


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