The flight to Sri Lanka

It was January 6, 2019. I still couldn’t believe it, I felt like I was dreaming. I finished the next chapter in my life, enjoyed the Christmas holidays, and the departure was here! What I dreamed about was finally here.

I packed my 8 kg’s backpack and took a train to Prague – the capital city with the main airport.

My backpack for travelling around Sri Lanka which have 8 kgs.

Prague Airport

At the Prague Airport, I put off my winter coat, changed into comfortable and practical clothes and waited for the flight. The very first information was that the plane was 5 hours late. Ufff… My transfer to Sharhaj was supposed to be within 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the lady at the counter told me that there was nothing I could do about it, and then I had to agree on something in Sharhaj. (It is a tiny airport where is a bad dream to just wait for 1 hour).

Well, as an eternal optimist, I believed that it would turn out somehow and it would be fine.

During my waiting time

My waiting time in the Czech airport.

5-hour delay

Because the flight from Prague to Sharhaj was 80% full of people who wanted to go to Sri Lanka, the plane in Sharhaj was waiting for us. We landed, and people started to panic, what if and if the transfer could make it? The flight attendants on the plane were unable to tell us anything.

We flew out of the plane like rockets, ran to the airport, where personally led us through the control to another flight. In fact, there was no or high-speed inspection. It was essential to herd us very fast like sheep into a plane waiting.

Flight Sharhaj – Colombo

This flight was completely full and I was sitting in the middle of two big guys with no possibility to sleep more. But I still felt fine, probably because I was full of adrenaline and excitement. During the flight, we had about an hour of quality turbulence, but at which I must admit, I really fell asleep.

The flight was long, not very comfortable. But a low-cost airline like Air Arabia doesn’t promise super luxury, but I get back and forth with good money.

Colombo Bandaranaike

In the Czech Republic was about 0 degrees and bang – 20 degrees in Sri Lanka, and it was in the morning. My sunny-self cheered with joy. The airport is far from the big European classic (Vienna, Prague, Berlin). 10 cafes, 10 restaurants, fashion shops, groceries are not really what you can find there.

The adaptation period began quickly and intensively. I was hot, everywhere saw beautifully dressed local women and even men, and I was afraid I would not s**t myself with coffee or food.

First experiences

I remember precisely getting out of the plane, changing my clothes wearing even lighter. I went to one place to eat and to drink. Coffee from a well-known brand machine (so not much taste), plastic bottles with soft drinks and mainly water, many kinds of sweet or salty variations. Nothing like sandwiches, paninis, salads, sandwiches, croissants, etc. But fried, spicy shapes filled with chicken or fish, vegetables or lentils.

What I found appropriate to have coffee and water. I sat at a metal table where a German couple was waiting. I opened my diary and started writing. My first sentence is: Where am I? Where is the toilet? I had a coffee. Aren’t I s**tting myself of it?

– Best to have the same airline when it comes to one or more transfers.
Air-Arabia is a low-cost company without giving a blanket or the possibility to drink alcohol.
– Not to be afraid of short time transfers (with one company).
– I handled the visa electronically, but it goes to the airport for a slightly higher price.
– At the airport in Colombo, the money exchange and the purchase of a sim card will be processed immediately.
– Attention! The airport is not directly in Colombo but must travel by bus or tuk-tuk about 35 km. Therefore, the option to stay the first night in Negombo, which is closer.

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