Galboda Ella Falls

It was the third day on the island. I have already driven 250 km on a scooter, and this day was in a similar vein. In the morning, I jumped on a scooter and went to discover the beauty of the central province around Gampola and Kandy. This day brought another 150 km and also one broken flip-flop at the fall off a scooter :).

Galboda Falls

Galboda Falls aka Galboda Ella Falls situate in Nawalapitiya close to Kandy, in Nuwara Eliya district with total height 30 m. Galboda is an isolated village located between Nawalapitiya and Watawala. There are two accesses on how to reach the waterfalls.


You can take a train on the route, Kandy — Badulla, which is a cheap alternative with also wonderful scenarios around the road. You should consider around 45 minutes to reach the Falls from the station on foot. The way goes up through hills with a beautiful view around.

Vehicle as a scooter/car

Personally, a scooter was the best option at the moment — fast, easy, cheap, comfortable. The road system is not well developed, yet. The driving wasn’t a piece of cake. The sand and stones were even for us slippery enough to fall off the scooter. But to travel by scooter allows you to stop wherever you want, which is a benefit I am happy to take. You can come by any vehicle, however, be aware of the road situation.

Hidden waterfalls

Still, not even many local people know about the Falls. At the top of the hill is a small house with a really lovely family, where we could leave the scooter (afterwards gave them a small amount of money to pay for their hospitality).

First, go across the bridge. It can be seen as a tricky one but was pretty stable.

The area was empty. We met only a few kids who were playing and running nearby.

I took all the images during the dry season. The Falls can be during the rainy season much more massive.

Oh yes, I wasn’t really excited to walk in that mud with flip-flops only. This bridge wasn’t in good condition, though.

At the Falls


There is a definite option to swim in the small lake under the Falls. I recommend you to be cautious. The stones around are slippery, which I am telling you based on my private experience. The nature water pool is suited for a bath in dry seasons but please, be cautious during the rainy season — swimming can be dangerous.


I have been told about some caves behind the waterfalls. I even saw one of the entrances on a side which could take me inside. I was scared to cross the lake and stones and go in, but if you are a fan, you can ask locals and go to explore.


  • Local – free / 50 Rs
  • Tourist – 200 Rs (1/2019)

Tips which can be useful

Be careful when someone will be walking around and asking you to pay for a parking place.
When you go to travel there, take some food and drinks. There are no shops in Galboda area.

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