About V.

Quiet time with Sudoku.

V. as Veronika

I am a normal girl from the Czech Republic. It is a beautiful country to visit in the heart of Europe. As a little girl, I was living in a small city where I had all my friends and my schools. I spent a lot of time outside or reading books. I was even a perfect student, and I believe my parents could have been proud of me.

How did my travelling start?

After my graduation, the next question wasn’t what after high school. But which city and which university to go. So I went to the second biggest city – Brno, where I am still living. I finished my first significant period at the university and started to feel a real tendency to travel abroad, to see something and to be alone. My first long-term travelling alone was in Switzerland, where I was an Au-pair to 4 kids. At that time, I felt difficulties. I was a naive young girl and after a few more months when I was back at home, appreciate my time with the family. It is my dream to go back… The next travelling was to Poland for an Erasmus program. That was a completely different experience but as well as very educational.

I changed my life path

As I am older and wiser, I am travelling abroad very often. It can be with my friends, family or alone. Mainly around Europe and I am always enjoying my time. I had many part-time jobs from my childhood, and when I was finishing my Master degree, I found a regular job. After more than one year working there, I quit and did change my life path.

Eating a mango.

Sri Lanka

Where did I leave my heart? At Sri Lanka… As you can read above, I am not a super traveller who has been everywhere or who knows everything. I am writing this blog with my passion for Sri Lanka as a country as people living there. Since this trip, a lot of questions raised. I am in one long process of changing. For that and more, I am grateful.

What do I genuinely want to do? ………. then this is it.

I will do my best to entertain you!

I will try to make my blog funny, educational, inspirational, with space for questions and discussions, with interesting tips and with love. All I am asking is to be aware that I am not a professional writer, blogger or photo shooter.


  1. Jan Kerkhofs

    Sri Lanka the most beautifull country in this world.
    I’m living there now about 6 years and I’m no more going anywhere, I have there a nice house not so far from the beach in Negombo, I rent two rooms there for the tourist, name WaJa bed and breakfast


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