Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island closely connect with India on the north. And we can call it the Teardrop of India.

My first map of Sri Lanka with notes.

Population and area

Very interesting is to compare the population and the area for Sri Lanka and my country. In my country it is the population almost twice less than in Sri Lanka. Based on my observation, I did see the difference. Sri Lankan crowded every bigger city. The small houses are one by one next to each other. First days had a problem “to breathe” in the cities, and honestly, I was trying to avoid them.

  • Sri Lanka -> 20 mil people -> area 65 000 km²
  • Czech Republic -> 10 mil people -> 78 000 km²

Long history

The history starts far back of hundreds of thousands of years. Sri Lanka is well-known from the ancient period of kingdoms as Arunadhapura, Polonnaruwa, Jaffna kingdom and the last independent Kingdom of Kandy.
Countries colonized Sri Lanka were Portugal, Dutch, French and British. Each country left historical heritages as buildings, bridges, roads, public systems, tea plantations, religions and many more.

Good to know

It is a Republic with the capital and the largest city Colombo on the west part of the island. We can pay by Sri Lankan Rupee which for almost the rest of the world is the cheaper currency. The country’s main economic sectors are tourism, tea export, rice production and maybe something else.


Sinhala and Tamil are the two official languages. Recently is the English language used a lot which is very observant for tourists who can read and communicate in English. I can say that my experiences are easy to talk in English in big cities. On the other hand, when I came to small villages, people didn’t know much. As far as I was friendly and polite, people did try to help me and communicate with me.


I love how Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country. For me, this was one of the top experience. Everywhere beautiful temples, churches and mosques. They have many and many celebrations and pay attention to all of them. Religion is a pure and essential part of their lives. Buddhists are the first most, then Hinduism, Islam is the third and Christianity.

One of the most beautiful Hindu temple in Trincomalee.


I have to mention to wear school uniforms. We don’t have the tradition in my country, I love that from the first moment. They wear the uniform in white colour. Girls have skirts, boys have long pants or shorts. Ties are the only different part of the uniform and represent by colour and by an emblem the one school.
The English language is on a better level every year at Sri Lanka, which makes people more successful with business and tourism. If you want to help and travel around Sri Lanka, volunteering into teaching English is one of the possibilities.

Two school girls.

Culture and sports

The culture has ancient roots, and it is influenced primarily by Buddhism and Hinduism. British colonial culture has also changed the locals.
While the national sport in Sri Lanka is volleyball, by far the most popular game in the country is cricket and rugby.

Nature and weather

Sri Lanka located in the Indian Ocean. The climate is tropical and warm with switching two main seasons. Let’s say from November to April is better to visit north-east areas and the rest of the year to visit south-west.
Animals living and flowers growing there are not possible to find anywhere else. And for more than 20 wildlife reserves are in Sri Lanka many options what to do and to see.

Interesting facts

Sri Lankans have one of the highest life expectancies. Why? I guess because people are eating what they produce and that is mainly nature food. They spend a lot of time outside and using Ayurveda.
Sri Lanka has an extensive road network with more than hundreds of thousands of paved roads.

The view from Little Adam's Peak and the road.

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